Wax melts Island paradise


The Wax melts in our collection are made from 100% vegetable soy wax and have excellent aroma performance and space diffusion. They are placed in any melter you have available.
With a cool, special citrus aroma, notes of basil and mint and a base of woods and amber.

How to use it:
Use a 4-hour, unscented lotion. Let the surface of the melter heat up for a while and then place 1-2 pieces in the deep part of the melter (saucer). Enjoy the aromas that emerge as they melt evenly.


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The 2 pieces are ideal for burning for 4 hours, then you should turn off the heat and you can let the melted wax solidify so you can use it the same way 1 more time.
When the smell fades it means you will either add one more piece or refresh with new pieces.


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